Friday, May 1, 2015

Deadly Hedonism

Almost Been a quiet month lately. Heheheh. Everybody is out doing their things, which don't involve little old me. That suits me just fine, not like I can stand being around any of them for any long periods of time anyway.... Well, except Vanguard, but he never talks. This is a REALLY nice little penthouse to have all by myself. I... Have to admit, I haven't been alone like this for a while now. Not counting the masked freaks we have wander in every so often, or the Agents running the Casino portion of our little Bond Villain Lair. Hehehehehehe.

SPEAKING of Bond Villains, I think some actual ones came by the other day. I don't really know what they wanted, I wasn't paying attention. They had nice suits, also thick accents, but the suits were the important part. Really wanted to get me one of those suits, so I asked them where they got them from, and if they wanted to come hang out at my house. I'm sure Babsy might not have approved of my unprofessionalism, letting two potential enemies into our humble abode, but you see... I really, REALLY wanted to get me a suit like that. And I just couldn't pass up the chance to get a two for one special.

So, while Jokes was out, I converted his shitty old room into my patented Room of Sunshine, Laughter, Approval, Uniqueness, Grandiosity, Haemophobia, Truth,  Envelopment & Rainbows. It was great. We had fun. Pity the FUCKERS left such a mess behind. MANNERS PEOPLE, THEY MATTER. I swear the spillage was AWFUL, and the noise pollution they made. Fat Tony or whoever the fuck he was, sounded like he had been set on fire or something fucked up like that. I HATE, HATE, HATE, Overactors like that. All I did was introduce him to the wonders of Lemon Juice. No reason to start screaming, or begging for your life like that. Oh No. At least his partner didn't do quite as much of that. No... He was more the threatening sort. Real intimidating guy, but prone to rambling, I think. Really I just kind of tuned him out midway through his ranting about his boss, and something violent and unnecessary being inflicted on me and my boss. Heh. Promises, promises. When will people learn not to make promises they can't keep?

Sadly, those two couldn't stick around for dinner. Too bad, really, but I guess it also meant the meal would be a bit more tender than usual, which is no bad thing. Sometimes this shit is like Jerky, you know? Still, I probably should have got their names at least, before they left. I expect to start seeing them on the back of Milk Cartons. I had no idea they were famous. Heh. I DID end up going back downstairs to ask our girl what those two wanted. Turned out they were trying to get MONEY out of us. The Nerve of them. I expect I'll be seeing some of their friends drop by soon enough. When that happens... It would probably be helpful to the cause if I found out exactly who they were working for, and deal with that situation.

Hehehehehe. Yeah, that might alleviate the boredom a bit. Maybe once I find our adorable little Normy Norm boss of interest, I'll invite him to dinner too.