Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thought Control

Been doing a lot of thinking lately. Why? Because THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO FUCKING DO AROUND HERE. Thinking and talking to myself spares me from having to deal with these insufferable jackasses I now live with.  Why the hell do we even have Whats-her-name and Jokes, huh? The former is a faithless little shit, and the latter is just plain old shit. Fucking Gray at least has potential to be a crafter. Maybe even a fucking powerhouse one? That stuff is rough on the brain, I hear, which might explain the split personality thing. Whatever. I only have a couple uses for him in mind, if and when the time comes.

I can't believe I'm working for the frigging Whore of Babylon here. What a fucking downgrade. Had a chat with the most useless member of our little Family, about Miss Babylon's possible back-story. Former member of the Dumbass Bureaucracy we got rid of a few years back. Don't know if she was a Higher, or what, but I certainly had never heard of her. The story goes that, after the fall of the Bureaucracy, Father personally led her to a hidden cache of resources, and... Gave her secret knowledge, and power, so that she could rebuild our Family. I don't buy it. Where the hell was she during the whole Spencelight thing? How about when the Free Market became the, marginally, dominant sect of our Family? The timing of the whole thing seems really fucking suspicious to me. She pops up not all that long after Spencelight finally DIED. And the rumors are fucking true, might I add. She IS Redlight. No question. For some fucking reason a lot of these morons don't believe that. But what I want to know... Is she a NEW Redlight, or is she just lingering remnants of Spencer, playing some kind of game? Whatever she is... Redlight has picked up new tricks... But assuming she IS a new Redlight, I don't quite think she is up to par with the other two.

The last two Redlights... They were something special. The first guy, I dunno who he really was or why he was the way he was, was a goddamn terror. I wonder if that old rumor about him being Sage Jay was true... Funny, the little things you think about when you are bored, isn't it? And then there was Spencer. Too arrogant for his own good, but by Father, if he was in charge of this little Family, we wouldn't be in this mess with the [Redacted]. Oh MAN, can you imagine what kind of torture [Redacted] and [Redacted] would be under right now? I heard what he... Did... To Screamer... And he kinda sorta liked and respected Screamer. I can't even imagine what he would have done to Sloth... Heheheheh.

But the Devil is dead. And all we are left with is a leftover from the apocalypse. Heh. Big shoes to fill, Babsy. You haven't impressed me so far, and if I am unimpressed, I cannot IMAGINE how boring Father finds you. You have my leash for now, but don't forget who made that possible. If he abandons you, your leash abandons ME... Then I eat you, and clean up the mess you are letting lay around and spread.

It is stupidity, really. Free Market ethics probably made all the Mr. Funerals of the Family happy, but don't forget. They don't last long anyway. The long lasting members of our big, bloody, family are the little sweet boys and girls like ME. We're the tools that add variety, the spice of life, to Father's little hunt. We're the harriers who flush out the prey just when they think they have gotten an edge. We chase them down for Father's delight, and I have never ONCE killed a target Father didn't want me to. When push comes to shove... Most of the family will side with how things were, and should be. Mark my words.

Which reminds me. I REALLY need to go say HEY to some of our... Cousins. See what they think of the Free Market Ethics. Don't get me wrong here... I am sure they are perfectly happy with us not killstealing anymore, but that whole "Defend the Runners" bullshit probably has a few of them a little bit pissed. Maybe those darling Doctors might be willing to assist. I remember a couple that used to work with Screamer, from time to time. Maybe we can help them continue with their sacred mission from their Diseased God. Maybe the Beak will owe us a favor for it... Maybe... I dunno, it may be a stretch but at least maybe... Pull just ONE person out of the Castle. Maybe...

Pffft. Thoughts for the future, I guess. I would end this with a few vague threats of violence, but really, who the hell reads these anymore? The Blog fad died out, once Runners started figuring out that we did it too. Heheheheheh. Good times. But now it is just us, and some soon to be dead stragglers. Despite the Cat's intentions, and best efforts.